Maják network

Network of 4 churches of Cirkev bratská in Czech Republic, who share common vision: “to be a healthy church that plants new churches”. This network includes Maják Vsetín, Metro Church Olomouc, Kostel Jinak Šumperk and Na Cestě Brno. Purpose of the network is cooperation in planting churches in Czech Republic. Network among other things meets to develop new leaders, shares resources or partners with project HledamBoha. ZA KOSTOLOM is part of network’s broader circle which includes common events, leadership developement, sharing resources and coaching. is a work-group of Cirkev bratská in Slovakia. It’s mission is to be an active help to whole denomination, individual churches (also from another denominations or independent) in planting new churches. It’s main focus is church growth through planting new churches. Members of believe this is shining biblical way of spreading the Gospel. Our church ZA KOSTOLOM joined the vision of “4×10” among other things by having our pastors as part of the leadership team of


Ecumenical council of churches in Žilina (EKUZA) begun at the impulse of Zboru Žilincov. The first meeting of representatives of seven churches operating in Žilina and representative of Jewish religious community happened on 11th October 1999 at the town hall with its chief present. Ecumenism has more than a century old tradition in Žilina and is characterized by tolerance among churches. Such a spiritual platform is unique in Slovakia. There are many ecumenical activities and regular meetings under the name EKUZA – Ecumenical Zilina. The most significant are ecumenical prayers for the city, which are part of the Old Town festival.